M.W.Wonka (svashtar) wrote in the_toy_dolls,

My hair is blond. Dyed blond.

Been a fan since 1983. Whoah, long time. First heard Olga belting out Nellie the Elephant on the Dr. Demento Show and the very next day I ran out to Streetlight Records and picked up Dig That Groove, Baby, and never looked back. Saw them in concert for the first and only time at Slim's in San Francisco in 1997. I considered myself lucky to get in because I had no ticket, the place was sold out, and only fifty more people in line were being let in. I was number 47.

I got this close to Olga ><, and it was magical. There's nothing like looking up at your favorite daffy-duck-voiced punk singer lovingly as he sits on the shoulders of his bassist and plays the theme to your favorite movie of all time. He makes a great Indiana Olga.
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