simone (bondageup) wrote in the_toy_dolls,

Hey I'm a new member.

Name: Simone

Location: São Paulo - Brazil

How long have you been a fan?: 1999
Fav. Song/Album: many sons, but specially: she goes to finos, lambrusco kids, carol dodds, glenda.
Have you seen them live?: Nope... but I want so much.
about me: 20 y.o vodka, beer, punk77 and OI!
4 skins, 70´s, 77, 999, adicts, adverts, angelic upstarts, anti-flag, antinowhere league, art., ataque 77, beer, blanks 77, blind pigs, blitz, buzzcoks, cachorro grande, carbona, catalepticos, chelsea, clash, clockwork orange, cock sparrer, cockney rejects, cramps, d generation, david bowie, dead boys, deserdados, dickies, dominatrix, donnas, dragstrip 77, dropikck murphys, elvis presley, english dogs, forgotten boys, forgotten rebels, fun people, gee strings, generation x, holly tree, hymans, iggy pop, joan jett, johnny thunders, joy division, julien ruin, klamydia, lambrusco kids, le tigre, luckers, mc5, meteors, misftis, new york dolls, nico, patty smith, pixies, psycobilly, queers, ramones, rancid, resistance 77, revillos, rezillos, sex pistols, sham 69, slaughter and the dogs, sleater kinney, stiff little fingers, stooges, strokes, television, tequila baby, the business, the boys, the cure, the damned, the dogs, the hives, the jam, the smiths, the superbees, the who, tiger army, toy dolls, uk subs, undertones, vibrators, vice squad, vodka, x-ray specs, zumbis do espaço..
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