Ultimate Tara (attackedbyrats) wrote in the_toy_dolls,
Ultimate Tara


Aw no one posts in here very much anymore...anwyay I tried to make an Olga skin for Vice City. Its not that bad. I got some screenshots of him in the game

I highly doubt that Olga would ever run around killing people and stealing their cars, but its fun to pretend
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i am sadden by the fact that no one post here (i started this community).

i think its a great skin! it looks so much like him in the "idle gossip" video
that sucks...any community dedicated to the toy dolls shouldn't be allowed to die

thanks! I did my best. It was pretty hard but at least hes recognizable
it shouldn't die! i went out of my way to promote it on other communities, even on the adicts community. i even went into random LJ's that had the toy dolls as their interst to promote. oh well. it will gain life one day. i know it.
those bitches! they should've joined since you went through all that trouble. More people will join in time and this shall become the greatest toy dolls community in the history of online journalism
i know it will! i will be so freakin happy when that happens. thanx for you powerful, yet kind comments! :-)
woot! I know one day a massive Toy Dolls army will emerge outta nowhere. haha no problem, I enjoy just commenting away.
i would post in here but i don't know how the fuck to do it. heh